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About Us at Bitsecure Limited .


Bitsecure Limited was founded by professionals in the field of investment. It has been providing trust management of clients' funds since 2017. The company was officially registered in United Kingdom, London on December 1, 2017 with registration number 11090999 . Our team consists of professional traders and analysts with comprehensive experience in digital financial markets. Despite the fact that new investments are available to all around the world without any restrictions, this requires profound experience in the blockchain system, new ways of making decisions as well as mastering security tools. Blockchain investment also takes a lot of time. These factors do not allow average users to effectively invest in blockchain assets. We offer a reliable investment fund that will allow anyone to invest in assets without special knowledge and restrictions.

As fund managers, we are responsible for making investment decisions, ensuring efficient and transparent operations, as well as security of the company's clients' funds that were accepted for management.


We’ve had a unique experience in managing investments in the blockchain. In early 2017, we analyzed the blockchain economy and concluded that assets such as Bitcoin, could grow faster than traditional assets over the same period of time. We formed our first portfolio of blockchain assets and began actively diversifying its structure, preferring only the most reliable cryptocurrencies and new technology-breakthrough Altcoins. By the end of 2017, we decided to attract private investors to the management.

  • We have dedicated & DDOS protected servers to safeguard your investments !
  • No waiting time, you can enjoy instant payouts!
  • Enjoy grand profits every hour of the day !
  • We are available at all times at support@bitsecure.biz !


We are only at the beginning of the road and the most exciting events in the blockchain industry are waiting for us.


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